Surgical education and innovation, cultivating the future innovator

17:00-17:20, Room 101 (101講堂)


Shin-Wei Huang

黃士維 醫師

Superintendent, Zhangbin Show Chwan Memorial Hospital



Yi-Ru Lai


賴逸儒 教授

Director, Division of General Surgery,National Taiwan University Hospital

Abstract - 

Surgical education and innovation, cultivating the future innovator

In the past few decades, we have witness rapid advances in technology that have changed the ways healthcare is delivered.  Medical professionals are facing the challenges of trying to adapt the new technologies that require sometimes long-learning curves.  Ircad Taiwan was established as a platform to solve this problem.  It aims to offer the most efficient learning environment for physicians to acquire new skills and knowledge, gathering expert faculties, medical device companies, and aspiring under one setup.  In the past 12 years, over 12,000 medical professionals from around the world have been trained, with over 1000 experts invited.  While the first Ircad started in Strasbourg, France, now there are Ircad training centers in Brazil, Africa, with more being planned in the future.  It has become a one-of-a-kind global training network  that allows rapid and effective spread of knowledge and skills to the medical and surgical community.


Research has also been a core of our activities.  3-D simulations,  virtual  reality, augmented reality, enhanced surgical imaging, surgical robotics, are amongst the projects being pursued.  The translation of research into start-up companies, and eventually commercialization, is a long and difficult process, that requires a new breed of professionals, who are able to communicate in languages of physicians, engineers, and business.  The Business, Engineering, Surgical Technologies (BEST) training workshop was created in Ircad France in 2011 for this purpose. This workshop was introduced in 2017, and has since  then inspired and cultivated a pool of young talents interested in this area.  


Ircad Taiwan has evolved into a place where medical professionals, engineers, entrepreneurs, medical device companies, and even venture capitalists, can join and create a sustainable environment, with a common goal of improving healthcare for mankind.  We hope you  can  join us!