New Advances in Surgery for Early Lung Cancer

11:50-12:10, Room 101 (101講堂)



Jin-Shing Chen

陳晉興 教授

Vice Superintendent,

National Taiwan University Cancer Center



Chiun-Sheng Huang


黃俊升 教授

Chairman, Department of Surgery, National Taiwan University Hospital



Kenneth Kenji Tanabe


Chief, Division of Gastrointestinal and Oncologic Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital

Abstract - 

New Advances in Surgery for Early Lung Cancer

The broad application of low-dose computed tomography screening has resulted in the detection of many more cases of early lung cancer than ever before in modern history. Recent advances in the management of early-stage non-small cell lung cancer have focused on making therapy less traumatic, enhancing recovery, and preserving lung function. In this speech, I will discuss several new modalities associated with minimally invasive surgery for early lung cancer. Firstly, less lung parenchyma resection via sublobar resection (segmentectomy or wedge resection) has become an acceptable alternative to lobectomy in patients with tumors less than 2 cm in size or with poor cardiopulmonary reserve. Secondly, thoracoscopic surgery using a single-portal approach to decrease chest wall trauma is becoming common practice. Thirdly, less invasive anesthesia, using nonintubated techniques, is feasible and safe and is associated with fewer intubation- and ventilator-associated complications. Fourthly, preoperative or intraoperative image-guided localization is an effective modality for identifying small and deep nodules during thoracoscopic surgery. In summary, combination of preoperative CT localization, minimal invasive incision, less pulmonary resection, and optimal anesthesia will definitely make lung cancer surgery safer and more tolerable even in vulnerable patients.

台大外科林天祐紀念學術論壇暨Massachusetts General Hospital-台大外科聯合會議

The TY Lin Surgical Symposium and
Joint Surgical Conference with MGH & NTUH


2021林天祐紀念學術論壇暨Massachusetts General Hospital-台大外科聯合會議


January 16th, 2021


​臺大醫學院 101 講堂


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