Biomaterial Substrate-derived Compact Cellular Spheroids Mimicking Pancreatic Cancer Microenvironment

09:50 - 10:10, Room 104 (104講堂)

Director, Institute of Polymer Science and Engineering
National Taiwan University



Shan-Hui Hsu, PhD

徐善慧 教授

Department of Surgery
National Taiwan University Hospital



Ray-Hwang Yuan


袁瑞晃 教授

Abstract - 

Biomaterial substrate-derived compact cellular spheroids mimicking pancreatic cancer microenvironment

     Pancreatic stromal cells especially pancreatic stellate cells (PSCs) play a critical role in the progression of human pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC). The exact interaction between cancer cells and PSCs remains to be elucidated in order to develop more effective therapeutic approaches to treat PDAC. The microenvironment of PDAC shows higher hyaluronan (HA) levels, which is associated with poor prognosis of PDAC patients. We developed an efficient three-dimensional tumor spheroid model for PDAC, where the pancreatic cancer cells and PSCs were co-cultured on hyaluronan grafted chitosan (CS-HA) coated plates to generate 3D tumor-like co-spheroids. These spheroids displayed potent in vitro tumorigenicity such as up-regulated expression of stemness and migration markers. The migration rate of cancer cells in spheroids was also enhanced. This unique co-spheroidal structure with the outer wrap of PSCs contributed to the chemo-resistance of pancreatic cancer cells to gemcitabine as well as sensitivity to the combined gemcitabine and Abraxane treatment in vitro. The metastatic nature of the spheroids was confirmed by the zebrafish xenograft model in vivo. The compact and dynamic pancreatic cancer-PSC co-spheroids generated by the unique 3D co-culture platform on CS-HA biomaterials mimic the PSC-constituting microenvironment of PDAC and have potential applications in personalized and high-throughput drug screening. Refinement of the model by more cell types is under investigation.


NTUH International Forum of Digestive Surgery & TY Lin Symposium

2020 台大醫院一般外科忘年會

2020 NTUH General Surgery Celebration Event

Multidisciplinary approach in pancreatic cancer




January 18th, 2020


​台大醫學院 104 講堂

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