Genetic Counseling and Gene Testing in Hereditary Pancreatic Cancer

12:00 - 12:20, Room 104 (104講堂)

Graduate Institute of Medical Genomics and Proteomics College of Medicine, National Taiwan University


Assistant Professor

Po-Han Lin

林柏翰 醫師

Vice Superintendent
National Taiwan University Cancer Center



Kun-Huei Yeh


葉坤輝 教授

Abstract - 

Genetic counseling and gene testing in hereditary pancreatic cancer

     Pancreatic cancer is a very aggressive disease with a poor prognosis. The majority of them are attributed to sporadic causes, but a small part of patients arises from inherited disorders. Individuals have an increased risk of pancreatic cancer if they have a strong family history, hereditary pancreatitis, or a known hereditary cancer syndrome associated with pancreatic cancer. Genetic diagnosis should be considered.   The germline cancer susceptibility genes include ATM, BRCA1, BRCA2, PALB2, CDKN2A, STK11, MLH1, MSH2 and MSH6. The pancreatitis susceptibility genes, PRSS1, CPA1 and CTRC, are also associated with significantly increased risk of developing pancreatitis. The International Cancer of the Pancreas Screening (CAPS) Consortium recommends annual surveillance for high risk people and the preferred surveillance tests are endoscopic ultrasound and MRI/magnetic retrograde cholangiopancreatography. Recently, a long-term (16-year) follow-up study demonstrated that surveillance could successfully detect resectable PDAC and high grade precursor neoplasms to improve overall survival. Therefore, it’s important to identify people with high risk of pancreatic cancer and advise them receiving surveillance to attenuate the pancreatic cancer related mortality.


NTUH International Forum of Digestive Surgery & TY Lin Symposium

2020 台大醫院一般外科忘年會

2020 NTUH General Surgery Celebration Event

Multidisciplinary approach in pancreatic cancer




January 18th, 2020


​台大醫學院 104 講堂

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